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Ezy-green At FINOV'

The Launch of ezy-green at FINOV’ with Finance Innovation

ezy-green at FINOV'

Showcasing our new product, ezy-green at FINOV’

We are proud to be sponsored by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology, an independent EU body that supports Europe’s ability to innovate, by nurturing entrepreneurial talent and supporting new ideas. EIT’s  mission is to increase Europe’s competitiveness, its sustainable economic growth and job creation by promoting and strengthening cooperation among leading business, education and research organizations. It powers innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe, by creating environments for creative and innovative thoughts to thrive.

As part of our European Partnership project, we also work with Finance Innovation, an international cluster based in Paris. Founded in 2007 by the French Authorities, it has directed concrete actions to accelerate the creation and development of innovative projects devoted to economic, societal and environmental challenges in the service of growth and employment. With a network of more than 600 members (public authorities, local authorities, large accounts, VSEs/SMEs, startups, academic fintechs, etc.), Finance Innovation federates a broad ecosystem through six strategic sectors: Banking, Insurance, Management of Assets, Figures and Consulting, Real Estate, Sustainable Finance and Green Finance. We are delighted to have a strong relationship with both Mateo Djouadi, and Gisela Sanchez, Project Managers for Finance Innovation, who kindly introduced us to many key players and contacts at FINOV’ this week.

ezy-green, improving quality of life through sustainable living

We were invited to FINOV’, the annual French Fintech Conference in Paris by Finance Innovation, to showcase our new product, ezy-green. Our aim for ezy-green is improving quality of life through sustainable living and is a global database of sustainable businesses, which you can search via location, and will integrate with both eco-shaper and other businesses products and services as well. Eco-business owners are invited to share business profiles and local customers are invited to leave reviews from their own experience. Making ezy-green a user-lead, honest website for the eco-conscious community.

FINOV was a day of conferences, round tables and networking, bringing together key players in financial innovation. President of Finance Innovation, Bernard Gaennier, who we had the pleasure of meeting, said “FINOV’s objective is to draw the contours of positive finance driven by digital innovation, to invent new economic models and to redefine the behavior and relationships between finance and business. It is the meeting place for decision-makers in the French financial industry, the CEOs of the most promising fintech’s and benchmark consulting firms.”

We’d like to give a huge thank you to Finance Innovation for inviting us to present ourselves at FINOV’. It was an incredible day, not only because of the launch of ezy-green but also because of the many amazing people that were there, who are all eager to collaborate for the better of our planet. We look forward to more networking with our European Partners soon.

Be a net-zero hero

At eco-shaper, we drive action on climate change and streamline carbon footprinting. For example, we can help calculate emissions across the entire ecosystem that companies work across and produce automated reporting based on outcomes. It’s like Xero, for sustainability. Contact us to be part of our research group on



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