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Sustainable companies

Switching to plant-based eating is a dramatic way to reduce your environmental impact. Allplants make delicious, plant-based meals and deliver them to your door using carbon neutral transport. Packaging can be sent back to use again or recycled at home.

One of the top 25 fastest growing companies in the UK, Bambino Mio was founded in 1997 by husband & wife team, it creates stylish and affordable reusable baby products. Manufacturing responsibly their range is designed to last and are part of the company’s three pillars, reduce, reuse, repurpose.

Chip[s] Board® produce truly beautiful bio-plastics and bio-plastic composites that perform the same as conventional plastics whilst being biodegradable and recyclable post use. They have developed a range of innovative and sustainable circular economy materials using potato waste.

Delphis Eco makes cleaning products for homes and businesses – with ‘greendustrial strength’!  Not only are the company’s products sustainable, its packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic, it never tests on animals and it has two royal warrants.

Demand Logic saves over 20,000 tonnes of CO2 each year (and millions on energy bills and maintenance costs for their clients!) through its market-leading data technology, which tracks all the heating, cooling and ventilation devices in a building to monitor, rate and pinpoint which ones need attention.

By combining the founders’ knowledge of energy markets and experience in building digital trading platforms, Electron set out to digitally optimise energy markets, working collaboratively with existing and emerging market participants to create the first digital energy marketplace.

Green Tomato Cars – London’s eco-friendly taxi service now has 600 vehicles on the road and completes 10,000 journeys a week in its Toyota Prius and Toyota Mirai (which only emits water) fleet.

Kapdaa is committed to upcycling fabric offcuts. Sourcing its fabric from an ever-growing list of fashion houses, interior designers, textile weavers and mills, Kapdaa aims to spread a zero-waste message and help offset the huge energy and water footprint of the fashion and textile industries.

Komodo trades fairly with factories in Nepal, China, Indonesia and Turkey. Its designers visit these places regularly and work closely with the people there, who bring their ideas sustainably – and beautifully – to life.

Library of Things aims to reduce buying and encourage borrowing instead. A true sustainability superstar, the Library of Things not only helps people feel more connected to their communities but reduces wasteful consumerism.

Limejump is a leader in the sustainable energy sector. Using data science and AI, the company connects renewable energy generators with trading markets, innovatively stores surplus energy and manages one of the world’s largest centrally controlled battery asset portfolios.

Lush – the handmade cosmetics brand, that is an ever-present store in shopping districts across the UK, has long been a pioneer of the ‘green revolution’. From the oils they use, the packaging for the products, the origin of the raw materials, how they manage water waste or the way the company recycles.

Notpla is a sustainable packaging material made from seaweed and other plants, which biodegrades in weeks and is edible. This year, Ooho replaced plastic cups at the London Marathon – and you can also find sauce sachets packaged with Ooho in your Just Eat delivery!

Food-sharing app Olio connects people with their neighbours and local businesses so surplus food can be shared for free, rather than thrown away.

Next time you’re walking, look down and imagine how much electricity you could be generating. The founders of UK startup Pavegen have invented special paving tiles that convert footsteps into kinetic energy via electromagnetic generators.

Red-Inc provides businesses with sustainable office supply solutions, such as sustainability reports on clients’ offset achievements, various office supply recycling systems and an industry-leading paper offset scheme. It’s the UK’s first B Corp-certified office supplies company.

When was the last time you threw bread away? This Yorkshire-based brewery uses unsold loaves and crusts from sandwich makers and bakeries to make its award-winning beer. Toast also gives 100% of its profits to charities campaigning to address global food waste.

Exponentially growing Scottish firm, Vegware, has been manufacturing eco-friendly containers and kitchen products since 2006. All its products are made from plants using renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials – and are commercially compostable with food waste.

Verto Homes disrupts the traditional, environmentally harmful house-building model. Verto Homes designs, builds and sells Zero Carbon Smart Homes, which are not only built with sustainable materials but also produce and consume their own renewable solar energy.

Too Good To Go can help you cut food waste – they team up with schools, businesses and public affairs to shake up the food system, and make the world think differently about throwing away food.

Fruit & veg that’s fresh and perfectly delicious but doesn’t look quite right by supermarket standards is left behind. OddBox speaks to farmers who’ve got an abundance of perfectly tasty produce on their hands, box it up and deliver it directly to you.

SoleShare, London’s Fish Box Scheme, works directly with a handful of small-scale British fishermen they know and trust. Their teams fish responsibly – no destructive fishing methods with no damage to the seabed.

The mission of Pesky Fish is to rehabilitate all commercially exploited fish stocks and support their continued growth, end irreversible damage to ecosystems and deliver an ecologically and economically sustainable market for Regenerative Fishing.

At eco-shaper, we drive action on climate change and streamline carbon footprinting. For example, we can help calculate emissions across the entire ecosystem that companies work across and produce automated reporting based on outcomes. It’s like Xero, for sustainability. Contact us to be part of our research group on




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