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Our mission

To create a world where we are all the agents of sustainable change by putting climate action at the centre of our everyday lives.

How eco-shaper works

01.  Intelligent Profiling

eco-shaper begins by collecting pertinent organization data at an enterprise and employee level. We use this to determine what standards your organization needs to comply with and where it can make the biggest improvements when it comes to sustainability.

Eco-Shaper Profiler
Eco-Shaper AI

02.  Precise AI Evaluation

Our powerful proprietary machine learning algorithms evaluate your employees’ real-time impact and use personalization characteristics to create highly accurate and relevant eco-actions for everbody.

03. Sustainability Reporting Action Plan

Sustainability strategies are actionable and ready for immediate distribution across your team or workforce. Each eco-shaper plan is broken down into enterprise, team, and individual-level steps you can take to reduce your social and environmental impacts.

Eco-Shaper Action Plan
Eco-Shaper Analysis

04.  Automatic Implementation and Impact Tracking

Share sustainability actions across your workforce. When employees mark their actions as completed, eco-shaper records your progress toward sustainability milestones and goals automatically, enabling you to check out how things are going in real-time with true shared values across the organization.

05. Education, Awareness and Action

While your staff are working on their daily activity they can dip into a carefully curated catalogue of resources for information, volunteering, education, news and a green marketplace to make better purchasing decisions and decrease their footprint by making positive choices. Actions that they take will be recalculated up or down in real time and displayed on their own unique dashboard. A live counter shows all eco-actions being taken by employees for shared progress and engagement

Eco-Shaper Reports

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