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Your all-in-one sustainability system

How we can support you

Most companies that are calculating emissions for the first time will focus attention on establishing their Scope 1 & 2 footprint before addressing value chain (Scope 3) emissions. Our standard service focuses on Scope 1 & 2 emissions accounting, as defined by the GHG Protocol in the Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

Sustainable Development Goals

However, we go further and include all widespread business activities such as cloud data storage and employee work from home energy use. These critical business-related emissions are reported on your enterprise dashboard under Scope 3.

Live dashboards are fed from 3 calculators including employee work data and supplier data giving you everything in the same place.

Our enterprise reports uniquely include:

  • Category 1 – Purchased Goods and Services (Water Supply and Data & Cloud storage)
  • Category 5 – Business Waste (including Waste Water)
  • Category 6 – Business Travel
  • Category 7 – Employee Commuting

Scope 3 emissions often account for a significant proportion of a company’s overall impact – up to 90%. Data collection for Scope 3 emissions involves multiple stakeholders and data sources and this can be more challenging.

Through our strategic partnership with The University of Surrey, we can offer any scope 3 calculations by request. 

Scope of emissions

Scope of emissions

eco-shaper doesn’t just give you carbon scores

We help you on your journey. Sustainability strategies are actionable and ready for immediate distribution across your team or workforce. Each eco-shaper goal is broken down into enterprise, team, and individual-level steps that engages everyone, to reduce your collective environmental impact.

Every employee reports on their work carbon emissions, which feeds into Scope 3 on the enterprise dashboard, saving you time and money.

Personalized action generation

Share ESG goals across your workforce

Employees mark their actions as completed enabling you to check out how things are going in real-time with true shared values across the organization.

Engagement & awareness are key issues

So we embedded education into a simple app that employees use every day. They can dip into a carefully curated catalogue of resources for information, volunteering, education, news and a green marketplace.

This helps employees make better purchasing decisions and decrease their environmental impact, by making positive choices.

Sustainability Milestones And Goals
Sustainable Development Goals

Achieve your long-term Sustainable Development Goals

eco-goals and milestones

If required, we can support with coaching whether this be on your SBTI certification, sustainability road map, climate goals or specialist lifecycle or factory assessment. We have the expertise.




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