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Carbon Calculator

Our Carbon Calculator Journey

Carbon Calculator

Our Carbon Calculator Questionnaire has been the talk of the town this week at eco-shaper. We’ve been working day in and day out on it, it’s even been a regular visitor in our dreams. We’re determined to produce the most accurate, compelling and educational carbon calculator on the market.

Why bother with a carbon calculator? You may ask…

There is a rise of consumer desire to mitigate their carbon output and therefore more people are left wondering where to begin. It’s difficult to gauge how one’s carbon output compares to the average, as well as difficult to know how one can begin to decarbonise. There are so many areas in which one can improve their carbon footprint, from who supplied your energy bill to whether you should be eating avocados for breakfast. The information that’s becoming increasingly available to us can often be overwhelming and we want to break it down into simple, and engaging, bitesize chunks so that those looking to decarbonise, can do so with ease. Following this, there is also a rise of corporations, wanting to engage in decarbonisation on a human level for example: with customers, employees, suppliers etc. However, there is a lack of tools and resource available that connects company and individuals’ sustainability objectives.

The Project Aims

Our aim is to produce a carbon calculator questionnaire that will accurately assess the carbon footprint of the consumer, whilst providing an educational piece at the same time, on how to decarbonise. This questionnaire will run off a database provided by our partners at Surrey University, that will create a report of carbon expenditure for every consumer who completes it. The questionnaire will be broken down into subcategories but, will cover as many ways as possible that one could reduce carbon in our everyday lives.

The questionnaire will have the scope to grow overtime and will allow the consumer to fill in as much or as little as they’d like, at any given time. It will have a core set of questions that will provide basic information to calculate their footprint, with the smallest number of questions. We aim to give the consumer the control on how much they want to engage in their carbon mitigation. From there, the questions will continue down to the most granular level and will be an ongoing journey of education for the consumer.

The reports that will be produced as a result of the questionnaire, will be anonymous, but available to the company in which the consumer completing it, works for. This way, corporation’s will gain insight on the carbon usage of their individual employees and be able to tailor sustainability objectives and engagement to reflect this. They will also be able to use the data to include in their company carbon reports.

When can we test it out? You may ask…

The questionnaire is currently going through intensive scrutiny to ensure nothing is missed out or overlaps. We then will with Surrey University to build the database behind it that will calculate your footprint as accurately as possible. Alongside this, our design team is working tirelessly to make the questionnaire beautiful and user friendly. Last step but certainly not least, our tech team will work to code the questionnaire and make it flow nicely within the eco-shaper software. As you can probably gauge, we are a few months off yet, but we’re excited to take you along this journey with us, so stay tuned for further updates soon!

At eco-shaper, we drive action on climate change and streamline carbon footprinting. For example, we can help calculate emissions across the entire ecosystem that companies work across and produce automated reporting based on outcomes. It’s like Xero, for sustainability. Contact us to be part of our research group on



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