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Not Another Carbon Calculator

Not another carbon calculator!

Not another carbon calculator

eco-shaper, carbon calculator – the good and the bad

In Q1, we worked hard to get in front of as many potential and existing clients as possible, and from doing this, have not only learnt exactly what the market needs right now, but also what they think and believe about eco-shaper – the good and the bad.  This research has allowed us to understand more what our clients need and appreciate. We thought it would be useful to share some of those insights in a blog.

Employee reporting is too intrusive

Most of our clients are now comfortable using a software for calculating company emissions. However, scope 3 employee data is one of the hardest areas to assess, and clients recognize it as one of the biggest areas for improvement when it comes to carbon reporting. Most clients we speak to, either don’t look at employee data at all, or attempt to collect the data through surveys or cost estimations because they are concerned that employees will find the process too intrusive.

We always advise that every employee is reassured about their privacy and being completely anonymous. We do this through good messaging inside eco-shaper and everybody is aware that employee work data reports up to scope 3 at the enterprise level dashboard, making everything routine and simple. This is the least intrusive and most respectful way to report on employee emissions, which is where most change can be made in a lot of cases.

This solves one of the biggest problems our clients are trying to solve, which is lack of employee engagement. That’s why we have worked hard to provide them with a solution that puts employees at the centre of the overall sustainability strategy through using a product that they trust and use every day.

We don’t have the budget

A common objection is lack of budget. Every company is different, however when potential clients respond to us with budget restraints, we like to break it down as follows. To hire a full-time sustainability consultant, costs on average £45k a year. To hire external consultants can often end up costing the same or more, depending on the size of the company. The cost of a company not acting on sustainability can equate to the entire company’s worth, as it comes as no surprise that environmental efforts are a leading requirement for suppliers and customers. The cost of stand-alone productivity software is around £12/15 per employee. We’ve also heard a quote to a well-known bank of £1 million just for a company carbon calculator app! eco-shaper not only provides 3 carbon calculators, but also has state of the art productivity architecture built in, to keep sustainability at the forefront of our everyday actions. All this costs just £7 per employee per month. It’s not for us to dictate what’s the right choice for our clients, but when it comes to cost, there’s no comparison in value.

When clients struggle with budget, we work closely with them to secure the budget they need from the board. Typically, we show savings of at least 10% in admin costs alone per year.

We’re already working with sustainability consultants

With sustainability remaining one of the hottest topics, 60% of UK businesses now have a sustainability team of some sort, and we think that’s impressive progress. Tackling emission reduction strategies and carbon goals can be overwhelming, so it’s of no surprise that companies are employing experts in this field. However, having consultants to produce your sustainability pledges, unfortunately doesn’t equate to real culture change. Without engagement, the company will see no real change in emission reductions. Most of our clients, also have consultants, because there is a need for both. eco-shaper helps our clients track their reduction road maps and include the whole company in that journey. Engagement is front of mind, from the user-friendliness of the software to the ability to work on your climate goals, KPI’s and actions all in one place.

If you don’t have an internal or external environmental professional to help you plan your strategy, then we can provide a service to help you define your road map to net zero. If you want to put your road map into action we can help.

We tried employee apps and got low engagement

Many clients have already been approached by carbon software companies, which are online questionnaires that produce scores. This has produced a ‘not another calculator’ response. Once we get beyond the initial response we find that clients want to set an example and make real change so with eco-shaper, every employee has access to educational resources that they’re drawn to every day, and it helps them keep tabs on their productivity, not just with climate, but with everyday life, inside and outside of work. We have many decades of experience in company transformation and are happy to help with or without software.

We already have a company carbon calculator

It’s a great start to be able to calculate your companies carbon footprint, but it’s important to remember that this is just the beginning step in a carbon reduction journey. If you use a company calculator you don’t have to swap to ours. We can work with your supplier or tech department and integrate your company calculator into a system that will include your employees and give you a road map that you can track over time.

Our clients want to do more

As companies continue to navigate the impacts of climate change, it’s becoming increasingly clear that employee engagement is a crucial aspect of carbon reduction plans. Including employees in these plans not only strengthens their commitment to sustainability but also fosters a sense of shared responsibility and accountability. Additionally, employees can offer valuable insights and ideas on ways to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective strategies. By prioritizing employee inclusion in these plans, companies not only benefit from reduced emissions but also from a motivated and engaged workforce committed to the organization’s sustainability goals.

If you’re a potential client reading this blog, we hope it’s given you some ideas. Regardless of your position, if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact , who will be happy to set up a call with you.

Be a net-zero hero

At eco-shaper, we drive action on climate change and streamline carbon footprinting. For example, we can help calculate emissions across the entire ecosystem that companies work across and produce automated reporting based on outcomes. Contact us to be part of our research group on



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