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Responding to the needs of our clients

We always try to make modifications to suit the various needs of our clients. Some examples are below. If you would like introductions for references, please email


Our work with councils includes inventory help, data input support and modifications for green options which gave us the idea for our green man who now appears on each page where you input better and more sustainable choices.


For our manufacturing clients, we have made modifications for upstream and downstream transportation and distribution. In line with our goal to make everything as user-friendly as possible, we decided to separate these pages from the normal owned and leased vehicles. This makes it very easy for users to understand the differences in categories required for every vehicle and so avoiding user input errors.


Our clients require detailed plans for fishing licenses and especially if the license is for EU waters. This requires detailed plans for reductions which is easy to put into eco-shapers goal setting feature. Our customers print off these pages to show their reduction plans. We also made modifications for fishing transportation and fishing waste. Recycling in the fishing industry can be quite complex and we go above and beyond to offer consulting to support our fishing clients.


Some of our clients in the property sector have complicated set ups with many local offices. We always try to help with as many local dashboards as needed and feed them all into the head office dashboard.

Financial Services

We work with large financial institutions who work towards SECR reporting and have complex needs including the need to report on employee work data and commuting data and supply chains and ESG compliance as well as looking into the impact of investments.


We are currently making modifications for clients who want to track the journeys of their customers.

Complex Corporate Structures

Our next innovation for clients who have complex structures is in automation to solve errors in data input by various departments, managers and sites. We are working with several clients to solve this issue through total automation. More details are available on request.

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Alternatively, you can contact our team directly to arrange a partnership.




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